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RPM's Story

In 1961 Bill Brines left his job with frisco trucking to peruse a dream of owning a service station, he opened the original Brines Texaco full service station on west sunshine near the intersection of grant and sunshine. in 1969 Bill, son Jim Brines and daughter Janice Brines moved their station to the intersection of Kansas expressway and interstate 44 where they not only had a full service station but also a full service auto repair shop. Later that year they soon realized that they had an immediate need for a tow truck to assist motorists stranded on the interstate. By 1971 Brines Texaco was in full swing with a full service repair facility, full service fuel station and two wreckers. Bill was the owner and operator, Jim ran the shop and towing operations, Janice did the book work and record keeping. Jim hired a driver to help with running the towing named Dale Turner. In 1975 Jim and Bill left for a hunting trip and left the business in the hands of Janice and Dale, when they returned Janice and Dale were a couple and married later that year. In 1982 the Brines' made the decision to move exclusively into the towing business and relocated to west Kearney street in a small a-frame block building where they operated until 1987. in early 1987 Bill Brines retired, Jim, jan purchased a small building with a large storage lot on the newly built west bypass in west Springfield where they operated brines wrecker service with a large fleet of small, medium and large duty trucks. By 1990 Brines Wrecker service had grown into a large organization, had the contract with the Springfield police department, did many calls for the sheriff and highway patrol as well. Brines Wrecker Service by this time had nearly an entire city block of storage lots and multiple offices. Jim and Jan soon realized they had outgrown their operation and the next step was to expand. Jim purchased Westport auto Salvage which was two door up from the current towing service and over 50 acres. Over the next few years Jim continued consoldiation the two business together, at which time brines was towing over 4,000 vehicles annually. Brines Wrecker Service and Westport Auto Salvage continued to thrive together over the next nearly two decades. in 1997 BIll Brines passed due to heart issues. Jim and Janice continued on until 2009 when Jim Brines passed due to heart complications. In late 2009 the legacy didn't stop, instead it grew, Jims son Will Brines, Janice Turner, Janice's son Jason Turner, jims daughter Debi Brines and her son Justin Brines Purchased a competitor that was ready to retire and a new company known as Midwest Towing and Recovery was born. The business was moved to Brookline Missouri and continued to thrive. in 2013 Janice passed due to heart complications, Debi Brines passed in 2015 after a long battle with a horrible disease commonly known as ALS. At which time WIll Brines wanted to peruse other interests. What was originally known as Brines Towing, then known as Midwest Towing was purchased by Jason Turner, son of Janice "Brines" Turner. RPM Recovery was formed 2013. We have continued on since with our focus on not where we have been but where we are going. We strive to continue growing from the two trucks RPM started with to now 12 trucks, multiple trailers and equipment to cover anything from a improperly parked vehicle to relocating a 40 thousand pound piece of equipment.