Woman on side of the road with broken down car. She is on her cell phone calling for the tow truck near her. Text reads, "Things to consider when you need a tow."

Things to consider when you need a Towing / Wrecker Company

When you’re stuck on the side of the road and need a tow there’s many things to consider when choosing a towing company, sometimes referred to as a wrecker service, to provide you with roadside assistance. Do you know why you are broken down? Many times you may not need a tow, but you do need roadside assistance. This is mainly due to a flat tire or running out of gas. If that’s the case just be sure that they offer this service. Picking the “cheap tow truck near me” is not typically the way to go… Many car towing companies are just one guy and a truck. Maybe they have two or three wrecker trucks but that’s a sure-fire way to end up paying more than you should when you need an affordable towing service.

A towing company with a larger fleet is going to be more affordable on price, more times than not. So, whether you need roadside assistance or a towing service, keep that in mind. Having a larger tow truck / wrecker fleet also leans towards that tow company having the capabilities are important when it comes to properly towing your vehicle. Not all vehicles can be towed in the same way. Again, this leans towards the tow company that has not just a larger fleet of tow trucks, but a variety of tow trucks to be able to accommodate any vehicle tow they encounter. So whether you call it a tow truck or a wrecker service, or whether you need roadside assistance or a towing service, the larger the fleet, the better. Both on level of service and on how affordable it will be. Lastly when the tow company has a good-sized fleet available, you’re going to get fast towing service.

Which is also why the “towing company near me” option isn’t always the way to go either. Now if you have roadside assistance with your insurance like your aaa tow or state farm roadside assistance, for example; did you know they will actually just use a service that deploys a message to multiple tow truck service providers to see who responds. So, if you know who you want then just call them. Most towing companies have a large service area too, so you keep the above in mind when choosing what tow truck you’re going to call and you’ll be alright. Of course we’d prefer you call us though. RPM Towing will be there fast, with a very affordable towing service, that’s done right because we have the variety of tow trucks needed in our fleet for any tow job!